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What does the digestive system do?

The digestive system breaks down all the food you consume into nutrients to give your cells energy. Your digestive system is tied to multiple parts of the body like your skin, mental health, and immune system. Because of this, poor digestion doesn’t just keep you in the bathroom. It can negatively affect your mood and immune system while also leading to acne and premenstrual symptoms.

Common Digestive Issues:

  • Bloating and gas: can be caused by certain foods
  • Diarrhea and constipation: irregular bowel movements and diarrhea
  • Heartburn (GERD): when acid from the stomach goes into the esophagus
  • Malnutrition: could be the result of a poor diet or an inflamed digestive tract
  • Stomach pain: can be due to pain in stomach (ulcers) or pain in pancreas and gallbladder

Lifestyle & Diet Tips For Digestive Issues

  • Slow Down for Meals
  • Don’t Ignore the Intolerances and Food Allergies
  • Beware of Bacteria
  • Prioritize Prebiotics and Probiotics
  • Get Your Gut in Great Condition
  • Ease Your Digestion with Exercise
  • Calm Your Tummy with Certain Herbs
What does treatment look like?

The first and most important task for treating digestive issues is to find the root cause. Depending on what that is, there will be a list of different options for testing and treatment. The options vary from supplements to diet changes.

What are recommended tests for Digestive issues?

Food allergy testing
Food additive testing
Stool analysis
Gut pathogens to measure (parasite, bacteria, virus, fungi)
Candida overgrowth (fungal antibodies) testing
Celiac Disease test
Micronutrient test