Gut Health Bundle


Dr. Musset will assess your overall health and your digestive  inflammatory markers, alongside bacteria, yeast, viruses, and parasites in your gut microbiome. If you’re experiencing any of the common symptoms of leaky gut, microbiome imbalance, GI disorders, or abnormal digestion, you may benefit from this package


The package includes :

One stool test to assess  67 pathogenic bacteria, 24 intestinal parasites, 8 viruses, 5 fungal/yeast species, 5 worm species, 6 antibiotic resistance genes measured & a look at your digestion and inflammation in your gut.

A blood test test that looks at the absorption of food and includes all vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids levels in the blood and in the cells.

Dr. Musset Basic Metabolic Blood Panel to assess your overall health. Test will check cholesterol, kidney, liver, CBC,  Vit D, and metabolic markers.

A 60 mins consultation


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